Mother & daughter collaborate to bring unique items to all

This is a new chapter in a story that would seem to have concluded 12 years ago, when Zona closed its Greene Street doors for good and the name was tucked into the file drawers, as Ms. Sagar, now 58, put it, of the venture capitalists who had bought a controlling interest in the store in the 1990s. The penultimate chapter was her divorce from Louis Sagar, one of SoHo’s first commercial pioneers, in 1993, and her retreat from the business they had built together. If it seems odd to revive a long-shuttered store now, well, Zona was always a bit more than just a store. It was one of a clutch of experiential retail environments that grew organically downtown at the time.

On a recent afternoon, mother and daughter, both of whom have husky, eager voices and share a taste for handmade things with a good back story, showed off a few of the new Zona wares: yak travel blankets and silk “landing” rugs to put next to your bed; handmade candles with wooden wicks that crackle; felted rocks and beaded insects from Italy; and a curiously shaped water carafe, the design of which is based on sacred geometry that purports to do wild things to water. Tactile and more than a little woo-woo, the objects fit right into the space, which, like its inhabitants, encourages confessional behavior.

(Read more on New York Times.)

The duo brings homemade and unique home accent pieces.


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