Rolling Stone’s Grrrrr pop-up

To celebrate The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary the band collaborated with Carnaby Street’s switching on of the 2012 Christmas lights, which were co-designed by the legendary Rock ‘n’ roll band. The installation launched on the 8th November, with a live countdown by rock chick, DJ and presenter Goldierocks. In conjunction with the spectacular display Bravado embraced the pop up trend by opening a shop on the same day. For an 11 week period we were asked to fully project manage the pop up shop to ensure customers had a truly memorable experience.

The shop created a unique marketing platform to celebrate their success over the past 50 years, as well as build hype and generate awareness pre and post gigs. The focus of the shop evolved to become a more sale-centric space, owing to fantastic customer reaction and wide spread admiration. The store created a great buzz pre and post gig nights, tested customer behavior and investigated the retail opportunity without longevity of commitment. In addition to receiving a huge amount of PR the shop far exceeded Bravados set KPIs and sales targets. The shop was a great success and proved to be a great ROI for Bravado. The GRRR! shop, definitely rejuvenated the music and youth culture that Carnaby street is known for.



Read the entire description of this limited time event at Popappshop.

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