Jewelry pop-up in UK hopes to put Laos on the map

Finchittida Finch consists of identical twin design duo Lisa and Tida Finch. Their debut collection Monozygotic Talismans is inspired by their English and Lao heritage and certainly has a story to tell. Intricate and ornate pieces that range from earrings to scene-stealing necklaces are laser-cut from black, gold and silver-mirrored acrylic. The collection – which we completely fell in love with – manages to be both delicate and bold at the same time.

However there is a more serious side to the twins and they hope that in the future they can raise awareness about Laos and some of the issues the people there face, such as the daily threat of millions of landmines left over from the Vietnam War. Fincittida Finch are extremely proud of their heritage and this collection, which has taken inspiration from the architecture and the Buddhist Temples of Laos combined with a very English eccentricity, makes that perfectly clear.

Read more on TheUpcoming.


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