Food-truck-like Walmart stores for urban settings

In urban areas where residents rely on public transportation, many consumers would prefer to order heavy items to be delivered, rather than go shopping, even if a city has more options. However, a partner initiative from Proctor and Gamble and is working to change this with mobile, food truck-like stores.

According to Advertising Age, the two stores created “@PGmobile” trucks with Proctor and Gamble items such as “giant bags of Iams dog food, heavy jugs of Tide detergent, and oversized boxes of Pampers Cruisers.” The companies tweet where these items will be located, and shoppers can also tweet at the trucks to have them deliver the items on-board to their apartment, house or office building.

Even those who aren’t fond of WalMart will see this as a step in the right direction. They are going out of their way to be convenient for their urban customers. Providing heavy in a large city where most rely on public transport is a great idea. Read more information on this truck project.


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