Goodwill opens “dreamy” pop-up, sales up 20

On Aug. 1, Goodwill launched its first ever pop-up shop in Washington D.C. In just 3 days, the temporary store outperformed D.C.’s 13 other traditional retail stores by 20 percent more than the combined average. So how did this successful idea come to be?

The ‘edit’ concept was integrated into the design with bold colors used to support the Goodwill brand along with an array of “dreamy” tones, as Sen describes. Art features like sculpted standard dry-cleaner hangers bridged space between each display. The store’s success brought it back again in December.

Goodwill’s pop-up surpassed DC’s other traditional retail stores by 20 percent. The reasons are quite obvious. These merchandized were displayed in a more organized manner in a larger space. (High-end retailers utilize large spaces without overfilling.) Items were hand-picked to have a certain feeling and color. Instead of a century-old thrift store, there is a feel of a boutique one might walk into in an urban setting. This is what the store so popular they re-opened it in December.

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