Cincinnati bakery saw success of low-cal donut pop-up donut

Busken debuted its new Lite-Hearted donut on Valentine’s Day. That day, the company gave away 16,000 of the heart-shaped glazed donuts at its 10 stores, regional United Dairy Farmers and Remke-Biggs markets. The company has also set up a pop-up shop on Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine, where they give away free donuts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights to people who are soaking up the neighborhood’s emerging night life.

Busken developed the Lite-Hearted donut as an alternative to its original glazed donut. The Lite-Hearted donut has half the calories (140) of the original, with zero trans fats and zero saturated fats. Busken President and CEO Dan Busken says the donut follows the standard set by the bakers’s reduced-fat skinny cookie. The iced cookie launched three years ago and has sold one million servings, he says.

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