HK’s high rent/small space is great opportunity for pop-ups

Hong Kong’s high rent and small space create a perfect opportunity for pop-ups. Here is an example of a couple seeing a space in the furniture market.

When Kate Davies and Tammy To decided Hong Kong needed more European antiques, they flew to Belgium and Britain to hunt for pieces they thought would appeal to buyers from Hong Kong and the mainland.

“I like antiques and was frustrated I couldn’t get them here,” Davies says. “They add so much depth to the home.”

It wasn’t hard to fill up a shipping container with Louis XIV games tables and English chests of drawers, and it was easy enough to start a business, Authentiques, to import them. What was difficult, however, was finding a place to sell the furniture: high rents meant a shop would be burdened with an unappealing level of risk. So, they decided on a pop-up shop.

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