Summer on mind, poolside pop up

After a long Canadian winter, the Montreal travel brandWant Les Essentials de la Vie headed south to design a warm-weather-themed temporary boutique in a white-box space next to the pool deck of the Standard Hollywood. The shop, called Poolside, features rattan rugs, beach balls galore and a vintage summer Olympics poster — a perfect setting for Want’s new collection of unisex bags in sea- and sky-inspired colors and natural materials. Dexter and Byron Peart, the twin brothers behind the company, say they strive to design their products so that they’ll fit any lifestyle. “We have a gold and silver zipper on each bag,” Dexter says. “This represents the intersection between structured and relaxed, young and old, men and women.” Read more on New York Times’ T Magazine.

We have said it before, and we will say it again until we are blue in the face – Timing is key to opening a pop-up shop. If you are selling beach bags and bathing suit, you need to time your opening accordingly. Your best opportunity is spring/summer opening. If it suits you (pun intended) you can have a autumn/winter opening in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you are looking to open up your first shop, contact us and receive an hour of free consultation. We’ll work with you and create the most successful opening for you and your brand.


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