Woman with passion for baking opens bakery pop-up

Ania Macchi knew she wanted to start an Italian pastry business, but she wasn’t sure where or what exactly would be involved.

So, the 24-year-old from Eugene started a pop-up business called Mandorla at La Perla Pizzeria to try her hand at selling her pastries twice a month on Sunday mornings, when the Eugene pizzeria is closed.

Macchi, like other people who have started pop-ups, wanted to try her hand at the business, but didn’t want the commitment and high cost of securing a permanent commercial space. So she opened a pop-up — a temporary business located in borrowed or rented space.

Some are operated by people like Macchi who are testing a product or concept, or their taste for business. Others are launched by established businesses, such as Harry & David, seeking to introduce themselves to new markets or otherwise expand their customer base. Pop-up stores selling costumes at Halloween are among the most successful and familiar.

“It’s a huge, huge trend,” said Christina Norsig, marketing expert and founder of PopUpInsider, a New York City-based online source that lists vacant real estate for people interested in starting a pop-up.



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