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Pop-Up Shop Winner is Open – Renovo Design

On January 9, 2014 by chelynne

Renovo 3 copyButler Downtown would like to congratulate Tracy LeFevre and Margie Bowser of Renovo Design for being selected as the winners of the Pop-Up Shop contest!  On November 23, 2013, the ladies of Renovo Design opened their doors for business at 125 W. New Castle Street. Their hours of operation will be posted weekly at the shop and on their Facebook page.

Renovo Design functions as an upcycled and eclectic furniture retail store, offering affordable redesigns while inspiring others to reuse.  This unique shop also offers handmade items such as jewelry, ornaments, candles & soaps, and more crafted by local artists. Along with these, it also offers unique pieces from architectural salvage. Workshop space will be available to allow customers to create their own unique pieces to fit their décor.  Renovo Design can also be hired to custom finish pieces for the consumer.Renovo 2

Renovo Design also carries a line of “green” paint products from Pure Earth Paint.  Environmentally friendly Pure Earth paint is an all natural mineral, chalk and clay based paint that contains zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Pure Earth Paint is owned by a Pittsburgh area artist. Their products are non-toxic, but very durable making them perfect for do it yourself projects.

Renovo is Latin for “revive, renew, restore,” and is the concept on which LeFevre and Bowser have based their store.  They select pieces of furniture and building materials that would otherwise be left unused and give them a new purpose or appearance.  Projects are re-imagined as new decorative pieces for the home or garden, or simply a redesigned piece of furniture.  For more information about Renovo Design check out their websitewww.RenovoDesign.com or find them on Facebook.

Pop-up shops are known as temporary retail stores that literally “pop-up” one day and are gone some day in the future.  Butler Downtown hopes that these “pop-up” stores may become permanent fixtures in our downtown. Stop by Renovo Design and see what Tracy and Margie have created!


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