STOREFRONT: “The Airbnb of Retail Spaces”


Storefront employees have been on the move it seems since they very first put their name out there. Since the instituting of Storefront, over 1,000 Pop-Up Shops have been set up through this very company. It may surprise many of you to know, but Storefront has only been around since the fall of 2012. Considering the amount of work and dedication that has been put into this company, I see nothing less than the most luminous future for not only Storefront, but every single creative mind behind the project.

Storefront recently raised $7.3 Million in order to assist brands that sell online, to move offline as well, and without even having to sign a lease! This company really has the best intentions for every entrepreneur, store owner, or simply  any one with a new idea out there.

This past Tuesday, Storefront threw a Launch Party in Chicago. Sources say it was an event that inspired and got the creative juices flowing. 300 spaces and counting are already listed for rent in the Chicago area. Creators of Storefront say that the prices for said spaces range from $75 to $5,000 daily. The photo below, a capture from Tuesday’s Launch Party, comes directly from Storefront’s Instagram! Click the picture to go to their account. What a crowd!

Storefront Chicago

We wish the best of luck to Storefront, and look forward to seeing them not only Pop-Up, but also Pop-In to other cities around the US, and maybe even go Global soon enough!


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