McDonald’s Pops Up As A Giant LunchBox!

We here at PopUpStorExpert are always looking for Pop-Up projects that are innovative. Projects that inspire and make us think “I wonder how they ever came up with THAT idea!” We’ve posted about a few such as This Unusual Suitcase-Shaped Pop-Up, and let’s not forget that ever famous Adidas Shoe-Box Pop-Up! Therefore, today we are extremely excited to share with you an idea that we’ve all marveled at since we read about it!

Popular restaurant chain McDonald’s has really gone Inside the Box for their latest promotional idea, literally, inside the box.


Their new Pop-Up Restaurant is shaped like a massive Lunch Box. Think supersize times 100. Currently, this LunchBox is touring the Australian area, such as Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Etc. Aside from attracting people by their unique shape, McDonald’s is also promoting their new Sirloin/Rump Wraps.


If you’re interested in seeing how something as grand as a Giant LunchBox can be set up, just watch the video below!


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