Are You Ready for the World’s Shortest Pop-Up?

Cheap Monday, a jeans and fashion brand, have come up with an idea that puts the POP in Pop-Up!

In honor of their Tenth year, Cheap Monday will launch the “Shortest Pop-Up shop ever”! In ten cities around the world, the Cheap Monday Pop-Up will be open for 10 minutes only, and in that time they will exchange 10,000 pairs of pants for social media currency. If you recall from a few of our past posts (Click here for Marc Jacobs Pop-Up or here for Yes Sir/Man Made Pop-Up) social media currency is where one can “Like” Cheap Monday on Facebook or  mention them in a Tweet/Instagram post, or something of the like and will then receive prizes. In this case, they can receive jeans!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.35.33 AM

To vote for Cheap Monday Popping up in your city, go to the Cheap Monday website (or click Here), and then scroll down and click on your city. If you vote, you then get 10% off any purchases made in store or online! NOW, if your city doesn’t show up, click the “My City is not Here” button and guess what, just share either on Facebook or Twitter a reason why you deserve 10 pairs of Cheap Monday Jeans for free! They’ll pick the best tweet/post and they will then ship you 10 free pairs of jeans no matter where you live! Just don’t forget to use the #cheapmondayx10 in your post!

On October 9th, the Pop-Up locations will be announced, and then on October 10th at 10am sharp, the 10 Minute Pop-Up Shop will be open for a brief bout of business!

You have until the 27th of this month to vote for your city, so get to it!


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