Now Introducing: Catfé!

“Catfé is like a Starbucks petting zoo with cats.”

Catfé is now the official combination of the two words “Cat” and “Cafe”. The reason behind the combination of the two words is as follows: why not have a Cafe where you not only feel right at home because of the coziness of your environment, but also because of the, well, fluffiness of your environment!


Creator Carlos Wong wanted to bring this concept of “Cat Cafe’s” to Los Angeles, as Cafe’s of this sort are a huge hit in Japan. To get a feel of how people might react to this concept, Wong has decided to make this idea of his a Pop-Up!

The Pop-Up will be open from October 2nd (today) till October 5th from 4pm to 9pm daily. To go to this Catfé Pop-Up, you will need to reserve a spot in advance. To do that, click Here or click the picture below!


If you aren’t in L.A. and thus can’t make it to this creative Pop-Up, you can also head to Wong’s Kickstarter and help him fund his dream! Just go to


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