Pop-Up Offers Free Meal if You Clean Your Plate, Literally!

A Pop-Up Restaurant will open its doors in France tomorrow. This Pop-Up is brought about by the dishwashing liquid Mir.


Now you may ask yourself, why exactly it matters to know that Mir is responsible for this Pop-Up. The answer is simple: After dining at this Pop-Up Restaurant, instead of pulling out the old wallet and paying your way out, you will instead have to “Wash” your way out. Instead of giving money for the food, you will have to clean some dishes!

Shown below is a menu preview from the New York Daily News. As you can see, the food items are on the left and the “price” is on the right. Therefore, if you wanted to order the Duck Confit, you’d have to wash a large pot.


This Pop-Up Restaurant will be located at La Bastide d’Opio in Paris, France from the 16-18 of October. The address is Mir Restaurant, 9 Rue Grisarde, Paris 75006. The only way to enjoy this unique experience is to reserve your spot ahead of time. To do this, go to their website by Clicking Here (also be advised the website is in French).

Happy Dish Washing!

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