New Record Store Paramita Sound Pops Up in Old West Village House

“Paramita Sound is a new-era vinyl shop re-imagining the record shopping experience. With a focus on merging new technologies with this century-old format, Paramita Sound aims to become a destination for nostalgic record buyers and new vinyl enthusiast alike”

A house built in 1985 is the new home and space for Detroit’s newest Record Label: Paramita Sound.

ParamitaSound-100Paramita Sound as a label primarily Specializes in the release of new records from Michigan-based artists. As a record store they seem to specialize not only in music, but also in the sense of community. 1413852273365Owner Andrey C. Douthard truly has an eye for style, if not just an ear for music. Though the outside of the house looks like it’s in need of a little TLC (which I happen to Love!), the interior of the Paramita Sound Pop-Up is truly remarkable! Soft lighting and comfortable seating really make you want to unwind and turn on some sweet jams. ParamitaSound-115If you’re interested in visiting the new Paramita Sound Pop-Up, head over to 1417 Van Dyke, Detroit MI.ParamitaSound-116All photos were taken by Chris and Michelle Gerard. Click the pictures to see their website!



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