Science Museum Pop-Up Store Designed Using 4000 Test Tubes

“We wanted to them to go ‘ooh’ when they walked past but to get even more when they walked in there. The store was designed to be a visual explosion of ideas in a fun and engaging way. Ultimately, we wanted to give people a reason to smile.”


A new Science Museum Pop-Up Store in Kent has all of the children talking about how science is fun, cool, radical, insane!

Located in the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, this Science Museum Pop-Up Store has found a way to not only bring science to the masses, but how to do so in the most appealing way.


Filling the store not only with neat chemistry sets and the like, the designers from BAT Studio also left space for demonstrations and experimentation. Trying to give this Pop-Up the feel of not only a fun science stop, but also the excitement of a candy shop, designers decided to decorate and surround the store with 4000 test tubes filled with colored water. What a task! It certainly pays off though as you can see below.



Being able to pair Fun and Function so successfully really does deserve a round of applause! I love the concept of bringing Science to life in such a way.

This Pop-Up is only open till December 31st so make haste and go over there while you still can!

-Your PopUpStorExperts


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