About Us

Our Story

Oei Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm offering a full range of services including interior, building design, space planning, theming/environmental, fixture, graphic, exhibit furniture, and object design. A combined 25 years in the design profession gives Oei Design a unique ability to offer innovative design through a “collaborative team process” with architects, engineers, artists, sculptors, and fabricators.

Our Strategic Partners

To ensure the best business design integration, Oei Design gathers a team of design/fab partners for each and every project. Architects, engineers, graphic artists, sculptors, painters, muralists, fabricators, and installers are all working to bring innovative solution and value… Under the design leadership of Rizal Oei, Design Director of Oei Design, the experts collaborate to create a variety of projects.

Rizal Oei, emigrated from Indonesia in 1975. He graduated from the University of Arizona College of Architecture in 1988. As a designer in NYC he worked with Argentinean architect Emilio Ambasz on large scale international projects. It was with Ambasz that he relocated to Phoenix as the designer of the Phoenix Museum of History. Prior to and after establishing his own firm, Rizal held Design Director positions at several notable companies. At Associates in Architecture and Design (now Fitch) he worked with Host Marriott; the Custom Foot; and Universal Studios/MCA. Since the mid 90’s Rizal’s portfolio of projects and awards has grown considerably. His design talent and project management experience are widely recognized. Contact.

Oei DesignIn 1996 Rizal co-founded Oei Design (pronounced “we” Design) with his wife, Kim Kunasek. Practically an Arizona native, she grew up a stone’s throw away from Taliesin West, F.L. Wright’s school of Architecture. Kim graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, with emphasis in Architecture, French, and History, and an M.A. in Art History, specializing in Architectural History. In the 80’s she worked for Brian Wain and Associates, Cork, Ireland, and for RKD in Dublin with Andrew Devane (who, coincidentally, worked with F.L. Wright in the 1950’s at Taliesin). As a graduate student Kim led international tours focusing on Architecture. Kim brings a wide variety of business and international experience to Oei Design. Contact.


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