“We have participated with Rizal Oei continuously for the past 12 years on a variety of retail projects.  He possesses the unique skill to interpret each client’s brand and translate it into fixtures, finishes, and architectural detail, resulting in an integrated retail setting.  Rizal’s attention to detail and ability to work closely with the merchandising teams contribute greatly to each project’s success.”
Steve Etzel
Director of Construction
Epoch Design Group, Inc.

“Oei Design has been a partner to Build-A-Bear Workshop for 13 years.  We value our relationship with Rizal Oei as he’s become a member of our family.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for 5 years.  Rizal continues to push the envelope to create and develop new ideas for Build-A-Bear Workshop while keeping our brand and experience intact.  Since our first store opened in St. Louis, Missouri, his partnership has been integral to our success.  his designs have paved the way for us to open new stores and speciality venues all over the world.  I’d characterize Oei Design as a colleague with integrity.  His standards are high, his workmanship is excellent, and his dedication is unyielding.  Rizal has proven time and time again to be an asset to Build-A-Bear Workshop.  We value him as a true partner and friend.”
Beth Ellis
Director of Design, & Bearcilities
Build-A-Bear Workshop

“Rizal handles projects with focus and solution-oriented creativity.  He’s willing and able to look at projects from several places mitigating risk, delays, and incremental cost.  Rizal keeps his team on schedule and manages detail comprehensively.  Rizal delivers superior results wit fantastic service.  He’s accomplished and award winning!  He’s an incredible partner who I’d highly recommend.”
Matt Elhadad
Vice President of Retail Operations

“I have worked with Rizal for 15 years on numerous architectural design projects.  He is a gifted designer who will listen to client input and translate that information into a successful design concept.  Rizal is comfortable in a lead role or as a team member.  His versatility allows a wide range of project types.  I look forward to a continued collaboration with Oei Design.”
Rick Reigle
Architect, LEED AP
Reigle & Associates

“Rizal Oei is recognized for his successful ability to blend architectural design and brand development to fit the unique attributes of a global market.”
Kristin Dietz
Retail Executive

“Rizal/Oei Design worked with us on a new showroom concept for Solatube Daylighting Systems.  Rizal tested our assumptions, challenged our thinking, and brought fresh new ideas.  The result: We opened a totally new showroom concept in Orange County that used half the space of our traditional showroom, but was filled with exciting surprises for our sales floor personnel and customers.”
Robert Westfall
Solatube International, Inc.


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